What we do

More than regular tourist guides...

We are more than just regular tourist guides. We tailor every visit, every tour, every experience for our clients, taking particular note of their interests and aspirations, shaping and delivering itineraries which exceed their expectations.

We research, explore and plan – proposing a bespoke, detailed itinerary which meets the brief of each and every individual visitor. And when everyone is happy, we deliver!

A glimpse behind the skirts of Scotland

Most of our clients are looking for an authentic and memorable introduction to Scotland, and a tour that really makes the best use of their limited time. With our background and considerable knowledge of the country, we create inspiring tours, identifying the ‘must see’ locations, the special events, the great restaurants, the wildlife and environment, and the unforgettable experiences which enrich our clients’ lives.

As tourists we all have specific interests and requirements – perhaps its golf, some retail therapy, genealogy, or the history of our nation.

We cater for all of these and more, providing not only every detail of the tour itself but also the informed and entertaining story behind each of the locations or experiences. From the ancient geology to the current political landscape, our guides reveal the real Scotland.

Drawing on our own expertise, or - for particular interests - calling on a network of carefully vetted guides and other subject specialists, we take pride in ensuring that our clients leave Scotland having had an illuminating, entertaining, informative and enjoyable visit of the very highest quality.

Not all visitors are the same, or have the same needs...

Everyone coming to our shores will have a different reason for being here – and consequently each requires a different approach. For example:

‘On Holiday’ is straightforward – we provide you with a great experience and a blend of entertainment and hospitality.

Short City Break - you need speedy orientation and the ‘short-hand of the city’ approach. Maximum use of time and tailored to your personal interests and preferences.

Activity Holidays, where our job is facilitating the visitor round a specific and detailed itinerary to keep you busy, engaged, inspired, and safe!

Orientation and induction for international students – working with universities, colleges and schools, we support the institutions in their recruitment drive as well as giving insights into Scotland to the students.

Working with businesses – we work with businesses on career moves for key personnel, tailored ‘partners programmes’ during conferences, incentive groups and the escorting of visiting dignatories or delegates.

‘Fam’ Visits – we deliver familiarisation visits and tours for all types of company and organisations which need to convey a positive impression of Scotland that can create ambassadors ready to champion the cause.

For all of these and more -

Tartan Umbrella – planning, sharing, enjoying, delivering, caring.

“Tartan Umbrella’s knowledge of history, current events, art, geology etc has to be unmatched. They planned the most enjoyable days in Scotland, taking us places most visitors never see.......... Hire a guide that gives you what is important to YOU”

J&J Odom, Oklahoma